More Than One Way to Scan a CAT

Just back from Can Misses hospital. This time it was my turn. Had a CAT scan which was more of a performance than I was expecting. Nobody told me they were going to be injecting dye into me. They didn’t last time.

So I was hooked up to a drip and told I’d feel a bit warm and slightly nauseous. I waited while they set the machine up, which consisted mainly of me going backwards and forwards on a bed under an electronic donut. Eventually I began to feel a slight glow. And that was it. Nothing more. Even though it felt as if it was going to be the start of something good and the music was going to kick in. I guess that’s what happened if you rely on state-administered drugs….

Tomorrow I’m off to Son Espases hospital in Palma Mallorca to see the Spanish equivalent of an ear, nose and throat specialist. I really know how to have fun


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