Chasing Swallows

Another day, another hospital. This time I’m just back from Son Espases in Palma. As ever I’m nursing slight feelings of disappointment.

The appointment was to check the after-effects of the surgery. Generally, they’re delighted with my progress, the way my voice is returning and the general process of healing. That’s all good.

The disappointment comes from the swallow clinic. I think things have improved a great deal since I saw them last. The specialist things it is “a little better”. In context, last time she would not commit herself to saying that my ability to swallow would ever return. Now she says “it will take a long time”. That is better than never. I think as well that she’s from northern Spain where they don’t really do enthusiasm or encouragement.

So it’s on with the exercise and yoghurts. Hopefully in a few months I’ll be able to be a bit more adventurous…

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