Tasteless Humour

Second day of trying to learn to swallow again and following medical instructions to eat a flan (crème caramel) over the course of a day.

Tried a different variety of flan to confirm that large parts of my sense of taste have gone missing. Apparently, they could return over the next 18 months or so.

The current sensation, or lack of it, is hard to describe. Flan just tastes of eggs rather than being sweet or bitter from the caramel. I tried a spoonful of humus and all I can taste is the chick peas. Going to experiment by upping the flavour. More garlic! Forget pudding I’m just not enjoying it. Eating’s hard enough for me as it is…

On a positive note: I drove a car for the first time since April. Didn’t hit anything (or even shout at the back-seat driver…)

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