I’m going to be an extra in a zombie movie! (I knew my scar would come in useful one day.)


After deciding to leave it for a week to see if my exercises would help my swallowing, I tried a bit of mashed potato again today. Tasted nice, but 20 minutes for a dessert-spoonful is no fun. Thought I’d try one of the chocolate puds I bought for Barbara. It went down like Gareth Bale. So I think I’ll have to work on my sweet tooth for now, on the basis that the sooner I can learn to eat again the sooner I’ll have some say in my nutrition. To creme caramel and beyond…

Tasteless Humour

Second day of trying to learn to swallow again and following medical instructions to eat a flan (crème caramel) over the course of a day.

Tried a different variety of flan to confirm that large parts of my sense of taste have gone missing. Apparently, they could return over the next 18 months or so.

The current sensation, or lack of it, is hard to describe. Flan just tastes of eggs rather than being sweet or bitter from the caramel. I tried a spoonful of humus and all I can taste is the chick peas. Going to experiment by upping the flavour. More garlic! Forget pudding I’m just not enjoying it. Eating’s hard enough for me as it is…

On a positive note: I drove a car for the first time since April. Didn’t hit anything (or even shout at the back-seat driver…)

Stuck in the Dessert

Thanks for everybody’s your best wishes after yesterday’s update, they’re all really welcome. Ta especially for the culinary offers from Simon Smyth and Sid Shanti. May well take one of you up. But first I’ve got to work out what I fancy in the way of food. It’s not as straightforward as it could be…

I tried my first flan today. Eroski’s best! I’m not sure, but my taste could have been affected oddly. It feels as if bits of flavour are missing. I couldn’t taste the caramel at all, just the eggs. It may, of course, just be the way the pudding was made.

The main thing is I did manage to eat and swallow about half of it after a hefty exercise session. Poco a poco…

One Swallow does not a Summer Make

Back from check-up in Palma. It was a bit disappointing to be honest. In was hoping to be told that I could start learning to eat and drink again. Unfortunately, it seems my swallow reflex is still very weak. So all I’m allowed is up to one creme caramel a day and not all at once. They’ll look again in a month.

On the positive side: My throat has healed well. My oesophagus is closing so food is going to the right place and not into my lungs. I do have a swallow reflex. It’s just very weak.

The way I see it is that it’s now in my hands. I’ve had months of people doing things to me, but now with lots of swallowing exercises over the next month I hope I’ll be able to improve to the point where I can start to eat something more than pudding.

Meanwhile I am feeling gradually fitter and stronger just from the food and liquid being pumped straight into my stomach.