A Daal Moment

Well, I managed a bowl of my finest lentil daal. I must admit that I had to add yoghurt to get a consistency I can manage and I still wouldn’t quite classify the experience as “enjoyable”. Hopefully, if I persist it will get easier with time. It’s not long ago that a tablespoon-full of crème caramel would take me 20 minutes to eat. Now I can manage a dessert at pretty much normal speed. And, yep, it is a bit boring, but after six months of not being able to eat anything, a factory-made pudding is still a treat.

I’m also continuing with my quest to break doctor’s orders by taking the occasional sip of water. That’s a real challenge because thin liquid could go down my throat too fast and make me choke. I’ve had regular experience of that because I need to rinse my mouth out to stop it going completely dry. I’d spit out the water, but every now and then a little would “go down the wrong way”. (Of course there’s a wrong way to go down, you dirty-minded so-and-so.)

Anyway, I can now swallow the occasional sip of water without choking. I have a clear goal. A week tomorrow, on the 11 November, when I get the results of my tests I aim to have a glass of cava to celebrate being told I’m in remission. (If the results aren’t good, a glass of cava’s not going to be enough.)

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