One Swallow does not a Summer Make

Back from check-up in Palma. It was a bit disappointing to be honest. In was hoping to be told that I could start learning to eat and drink again. Unfortunately, it seems my swallow reflex is still very weak. So all I’m allowed is up to one creme caramel a day and not all at once. They’ll look again in a month.

On the positive side: My throat has healed well. My oesophagus is closing so food is going to the right place and not into my lungs. I do have a swallow reflex. It’s just very weak.

The way I see it is that it’s now in my hands. I’ve had months of people doing things to me, but now with lots of swallowing exercises over the next month I hope I’ll be able to improve to the point where I can start to eat something more than pudding.

Meanwhile I am feeling gradually fitter and stronger just from the food and liquid being pumped straight into my stomach.

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