At the end of another week of radiotherapy

At the end of another week of radiotherapy my throat is definitely feeling sore, I’m exhausted all the time and I can only speak in a hoarse whisper. I don’t mean by that I’m talking to our four-legged friends, although I have taken to wearing a sort of straw cowboy hat to keep the sun off my neck. It’s effin hot here.

Every time I put it on my head I’m reminded, for some annoying reason, of this joke my English teacher, in an attempt to be one of the lads, told the class when I was in Lower V C (bottom stream, always the proud under-achiever).

“What’s the difference between a cowboy and a  cowgirl?”

“A cowboy has a prairie hat…”

Hopefully, that’s now been exorcised from my brain and y’all can suffer from it instead.

Meanwhile, the way my throat has suddenly become more painful is particularly frustrating. I had an appointment with the head of ear, nose and throat yesterday and he was very pleased with the way I was progressing. I told him I was eating yoghurt and the odd banana. (I hadn’t actually been told I was allowed to. It can be dangerous.) He told me to carry on and demonstrated a technique to make swallowing easier. (I looked up “swallowing techniques” on the Internet afterwards and found a lot of other information. But most of it wasn’t exactly what I was after at this point in time.)

Anyway, I was definitely looking forward to trying out some of the suggested foods which are supposed to be easy to swallow, such as mashed potato with lots of butter. Unfortunately, my throat’s so sore that eating or drinking is probably off the table, so to speak, until at least a couple of weeks after I finish the radiotherapy. That means September some time.

Que sera. I’ve got a couple of days off radiotherapy so hopefully we’ll escape from the old folks’ home and into Palma once or twice.

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